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About Norwich, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Norwich, Norfolk, England)

Norwich was once the largest city in England next to London. It has been a bustling trade city for the last 900 years and is surrounded by hills and countryside. Norwich is often visited for its seaside towns, wildlife habitats, and various architectural treasures.

What to do in Norwich

Norwich offers bars, restaurants, museums, galleries, sports centres, and shopping galleries to its visitors. Families can enjoy amusement arcades, tenpin bowling and pizzerias, while older couples can have candlelit dinners in small, intimate restaurants. For young visitors who want to go out dancing, Norwich has several clubs and pubs that provide R&B and house music. There are also pubs that cater to local bands who play live even in the UEA. Summer visitors can enjoy the city's annual outdoor concerts.

Tourist Attractions

Some of the most visited Norwich sites include Wymondham Heritage Museum, Chapelfield, and Anglia Karting Centre. Wymondham Heritage Museum is located in Bridgewell and was built in 1785. It was used as a courthouse, police station, and prison in the 18th century, but now serves as a specialty shop that sells DVDs, quiz sheets, tea and souvenir items. Anglia Karting Centre provides 270cc Thunderkarts for karting fanatics, while Chapelfield is a shopping haven with over 80 shops and cafes.

Norwich University

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